Unveiling the Power of Membership Plans in Dentistry, with Jane Levy

A Wall Street analyst turned dental entrepreneur is revolutionizing the way we approach dental care! In this enriching episode, your host Anne Duffy sits down with the multi-talented Jane Levy, a woman who is redefining oral health through innovative membership plans. Jane takes you through her intriguing journey from the bustling streets of Johannesburg to the rigorous B-schools and ultimately to the dynamic world of dental entrepreneurship. She walks you through the invaluable benefits of membership plans, painting a vivid picture of their potential to boost the patient's overall experience and promote preventive care.

Not just a dynamic entrepreneur, Jane is also an ardent tech enthusiast and in the second half of this episode, she opens up about her journey in the tech sector. She shares insights from her days covering tech companies during the dot-com boom, imparting priceless wisdom about leveraging technology to transform the dental industry. As the conversation progresses, you'll hear about Jane's roles in groundbreaking brands like Plan Forward and Jarvis Analytics, and how she's helping them push the boundaries of what's possible in dental care and practice efficiency.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • How membership plans can drastically transform patient care and retention in dental practices.

  • Jane's lessons and insights from her Wall Street days during the dot-com boom.

  • Jane's unique approach to integrating technology in the dental industry.

  • The invaluable role of companies like Plan Forward and Jarvis Analytics in accelerating the adoption of dental membership plans.

  • What lies ahead for Plan Forward and what new developments we can look forward to in the future.

Tune into this episode now and transform the way you look at the future of dental care!

Learn More About Plan Forward Here:

Website: https://www.planforward.io/

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(This episode originally aired on November 2, 2022)