Unearthing Art in Daily Dental Procedures: A Unique Perspective, with Dr. Harold Sturner

Ever imagined how art and science blend in the world of dentistry? In this compelling episode of "The Future of Dentistry", host Anne Duffy chats with Dr. Harold Sturner, a veteran dentist with a rare combination of expertise in both fields.

Taking us on an intriguing journey, Dr. Sturner divulges how his background in studio art has deeply influenced his work, by enlacing beauty with function in dental care. He candidly discusses his journey from artistic pursuits to dental academia, sharing how he has demonstrated the harmony between art and dentistry in his decades-long career. Drawing further on this fascinating cross-section of art and science, Dr. Sturner delves into the rigors of patient-focused dentistry, underscoring the value of integrity and quality in the profession. As an antidote to the increasing commercialization of dental care, he champions a personalized, patient-first philosophy. By coupling technical expertise with the keenness and precision learnt from his art background, Dr. Sturner demonstrates the transformational power of combining passion and profession.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • The fascinating intersection of art and dentistry and its impact on patient care

  • The essential role of integrity and a patient-first approach in dentistry

  • The key challenges young dentists face today

  • The transformational role of continuous learning in a dentist's career

  • The importance of a contingency plan for dentists and the intriguing world of collecting sports memorabilia as a side gig

Don't miss the opportunity to glean valuable insights from Dr. Sturner's extensive experience practicing dentistry, his unique fusion of art and science in his profession, and his passion for memorabilia collecting. Listen to the full episode now!

Reach Out to Dr. Harold Sturner and Learn More Here:

Website: https://sturnerdentistry.com/

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