What It Takes to Lead, Hire, and Retain the Right People, with Julie Friesen

What does is take to lead, hire, and retain the right people? In the world of dental entrepreneurship, Julie Friesen knows how to get the perfect fit and streamline your onboarding. Known for her unique insights and progressive techniques, Julie, a renowned dental coach, author, and speaker, joins Anne Duffy on this week's episode of The Future of Dentistry podcast. Julie has been the propelling force behind several successful dental practices, making her perspective on practice management an undeniable resource.

In this episode, Julie and Anne dive deep into the essential components that contribute to a thriving dental practice. They talk about the power of a clear vision, core values, and their impact in shaping the future of your dental practice, and how this clarity of purpose can actually attract the right team members and patients to your practice. Discussing from the inception point of a student's dental career to a well-established dental practice, Julie and Anne stress why staying in alignment with your practice's vision is crucial for long-term success.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • The critical role of defining a clear vision and core values in moulding your dental practice.
  • The impact of documenting your practice's visions in attracting the ideal team and patients.
  • Julie's secret to creating the perfect "Ultimate Hiring Experience" that attracts and retains industry-leading teams.
  • How infusing the practice's vision and values into your job listings can draw in individuals who are in harmony with your practices’ goals.
  • The undeniable advantages of an efficient onboarding system to retain skilled employees, cultivate a sense of belonging, and further enhance alignment with the practice’s ethos.

So, are you prepared to transform your dental practice and step into the future of dentistry? Unearth the transforming power of clear visions and solid core values with Julie Friesen in this episode!

Reach Out to Julie and Learn More Here:

Website: https://www.jfdentalconsulting.com/

Julie's linkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julie-friesen-practicegrowth/

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