Behind-the-Scenes of America's Premier Dental Meeting, with Dr. David Lewis Jr.

Join us in this episode of The Future of Dentistry as we delve into the passionate journey of Dr. David Lewis Jr., the incoming president of the Chicago Dental Society. With around four decades of experience in the dental profession, Dr. Lewis has a multitude of wisdom and insights to share. We explore the evolution of his career journey, from private practice to stepping into the leadership of one of the prominent dental societies, and learn about his involvement with the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, an eminent event in the dental calendar.

Throughout the conversation, we shed light on the importance of community involvement, continual learning, and networking for professionals at all stages of their dental careers. Gain insider insights about the upcoming Chicago Midwinter Meeting - from the special sessions and diverse topics to look forward to, to the unique learning opportunities it presents. Curious about what goes on behind the scenes of one of the country's top dental meetings? Prepare to be enlightened.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • The fascinating history of the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, organized by the Chicago Dental Society.
  • How Dr. David Lewis Jr. evolved in his career, from private practice to the incoming presidency of the Chicago Dental Society.
  • What it takes to organize one of the top three dental meetings in the country.
  • The importance and benefits of networking and community involvement in the dental profession.
  • Exciting additions and opportunities to look forward to in the upcoming Chicago Midwinter meeting.

Hit play and let Dr. David Lewis, Jr., guide you through his remarkable career journey and show what's in store for this year's Chicago Midwinter Meeting!

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