SourceClub: Revolutionizing Dental Supply Savings, with Jeremy Moeller

Welcome to another episode of "The Future of Dentistry" podcast! Today, we're delving into a game-changing solution that's transforming the landscape of dental supply purchasing – Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs). We're thrilled to have Jeremy Moeller, a sales leader with an outstanding track record in market penetration and revenue growth, here with us. Jeremy represents SourceClub, a GPO that's making waves in the dental industry by bringing the purchasing power of large dental organizations directly to your practice, without hidden commissions or skyrocketing prices.

In this episode, Jeremy will uncover the remarkable benefits of SourceClub and explain how a GPO can significantly save your dental practice money. We'll explore why SourceClub stands out with its competitive pricing, providing a more predictable increase in profitability compared to traditional marketing campaigns. Plus, we'll delve into the secret sauce that allows SourceClub to secure discounts that are often unattainable when buying supplies directly. If you're a general dentistry practitioner, be prepared to learn how SourceClub can slash your dental supplies costs by around 28-30%, while oral surgery practices can enjoy even more substantial savings, exceeding 40%.

If you're looking to optimize your dental supply budget and drive your practice's growth, you won't want to miss this insightful episode!

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Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 630-650-6610

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